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July 7th at 8 PM Central European Time

  • Online Session

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Yasmine is first generation Israeli-American wife and mother, who has used her passion for Jewish history and representation to create and foster a community using her online work and advocacy, since 2016. Yasmines paternal Saba fled Aleppo at age 13, where he and his family had lived for hundreds and hundreds of years, as antisemitism became increasingly violent. Her Saba was rescued by the first Youth Aliyah group along with other children from Lebanon in 1943. He had to leave behind his mother as she was blind and unable to make the trip safely. He served in the Haganah, fighting both in the War of Independence and the 6 day war. He later served as a policeman who guarded the home of the first Israeli Prime Minister Ben Gurion. These stories, that are sadly not uncommon, but are lesser known within the community, sparked Yasmine’s passion for Jewish storytelling and Jewish pride. She has cultivated a community of over 25k on her Instagram @mizrashki.jewess

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