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Islamist vs Zionist

Feb 24 at 6pm CET

  • Online Session

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Unlike my regular interviews, this podcast will be a discussion between myself and my friend Jay Shapiro. Jay grew up in a Zionist household and I grew up in an Islamist household. We will be discussing October 7th and the aftermath... and you are welcome to join us. Jay Shapiro is a writer and documentary filmmaker with a focus on philosophy and intellectually challenging subjects. He wrote and directed the film adaptation of the collaboration between philosopher Sam Harris and former imprisoned Muslim extremist turned reformer, Maajid Nawaz entitled Islam And The Future of Tolerance. He has also directed successful films which dive into the complexities of International Law as well as inspiring sports documentaries. Recently he wrote and produced a 10 part series for the widely listened to Making Sense Podcast where he compiled a decade of conversations by Sam Harris and his varied guests into audio-documentaries on topics such as Free Will, Violence, Existential Threat, Belief and Unbelief, and more. He is currently producing a 10 part audio-series with the philosopher Annaka Harris on the topic of Consciousness and Fundamental Physics. He writes essays and hosts a podcast entitled Dilemma which explores topics of philosophy and politics and is currently releasing episodes in The Palestine Series which focus on the conflict which has erupted after the October 7th attacks in southern Israel.

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