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Human rights campaigner,  Yasmine Mohammed, advocates for the rights of women living within Muslim majority countries, as well as those who struggle under religious fundamentalism anywhere. 


Ayaan Hirsi Ali's Infidel meets The Handmaid's Tale; Yasmine Mohammed's book is out from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kindle and more!


If you are unable to access the book from your country, click here to order it directly from us. If your country is not listed, please let us know.


Quote from Bill Maher on Yasmine's book:

"I am a traditional liberal, I believe that we should treat people with freedom and dignity. There's a young woman named Yasmine Mohammed- I am sure you've heard of her- she wrote a book called Unveiled: How Western Liberals Empower Radical Islam. And I think that is what we are saying- why are western liberals empowering these forces of real evil? She was put in a niqab. Can I read you Yasmine's quote? This is her describing when she was married off to somebody who went to Al Qaeda. I want people to hear her version of what it's like to wear this when her husband put it on her. 


That is what I would like liberals to keep in their mind every time they say "Islamophobia". That. How can we enable that? Why do we enable that?"

-Real Time with Bill Maher, Sept 30th 2022


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